Personal Styling Services

You know how it feels when you wear your favorite jeans, pair of earrings that light you up or when you get your hair done at the salon, and you don’t want to wash it because it looks so fabulous?  I’m sure you’ve noticed that when you feel confident, powerful, sexy, radiant, you show up so much more in every moment. You speak your mind, dance more wild, ask for what you want – – you feel confident and radiate that out into the world. You make a great impression!

The way you choose to dress and adorn yourself completely affects the way you feel and then contributes to the results you get.   I know this to be true, and my goal with every person I work with is to help them tap into that most amazing version of themselves – loving, kind, powerful, successful, fun, etc – by knowing what clothes will light them up and how they can start creating that themselves every single day.

I’ve found that there are no two people alike, so every time I work with someone it’s 100% customized. We make a plan to help you meet your goals in a way that is best for you. It may be that I come into your closet, or we shop together. We may choose a specific event to prepare for or a vacation. We might spend time in person and then follow up on Skype so I can help you while you are out shopping. If you have an eye for fashion we will take it up a notch. If you feel totally lost we will start where you are. The possibilities are endless and specific to you.   Here are a few of the ways I help people:

Empowerment Workshop: 

Feel & look amazing & confident in everything you wear.   This package is customized to achieve your professional goals: evaluate & edit, personal styling & creative outfit design, personal styling lists, closet oasis, digital Look-book, shopping trips & more.


Remote ‘E- Styling’ Package:

Suze in your back pocket!   Have the support you need w/ ‘E-styling’ sessions, to solve your fashion emergencies, or plan ahead to create outfits for events all via text & face time or Skype.

Travel Chic Package:

Look & feel like a $ million dollars on your vacation, and never over pack again!  Save time & energy, by knowing exactly what to pack using my packing protocol & learn packing strategies for your work & vacation trips.

Swap – N – Style Girlfriend Party: 

Need a little courage & support from your Besties?  Enjoy an uplifting atmosphere of fun & fashion with your pals, and update your wardrobe at the same time.  Personal styling, clothing & accessories exchange party for you and your friends.