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The Swirl + Sparkle Sessions

Makeup brush cleaning the reasons why and how to do it

The Style Lab Interview with Marii Lang of Swirl + Sparkle

Last week I met with Marii Lang, the President & owner of Swirl + Sparkle to talk about her amazing new product AND growing business.  Two LADY Bosses having coffee in Marii's beauty lounge, what could be more FUN?

The three reasons why you should clean your makeup brushes

1. Bacteria

Bacteria feeds on your dead skin and the oils that are on the brush.  Also keep in mind if you are switching to natural formulas these do not have the biocides and preservatives that inhibit the growth of bacteria.  The build-up of bacteria on your brush will contribute to stress on your skin, outbreaks, and rashes.  Contamination of your makeup will result in fouled product.

2. Better Completion

Years of caked makeup, dead skin, bacteria, dust and oil make a perfect concoction to clog your pores and irritate sensitive skin.  Are you going through an extensive skin cleansing and care process only to then rub month old makeup and dust on your face?

3. Better color application and less/fresh makeup application

A clean brush delivers the fresh makeup with the right color to your face, reducing the amount of makeup used in each application.

The 4 Steps to cleaning your Brushes:

Here is a quick video: it only takes 32 seconds to see how to clean two small brushes.


According to Marii, and other beauty experts, we should be cleaning our makeup brushes every 2 weeks!  Why not make this task fun and easy?

Swirl + Sparkle is an all-natural + cruelty-free solid make-up brush cleanser that magically melts make-up residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes. Think of it as shampoo for your brush bristles!  Added bonus, each hand poured pot has a quirky theme, and scent - super yummy!  
















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